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Our most popular Fujitsu models

Prices from $1450 incl. GST
Prices from $2099 incl. GST
Floor Mount
Prices from $3100 incl. GST


How can we contact you?2019-12-08T21:53:54+00:00

To arrange an in-home assessment please phone 03 688 6690 or email office@spillane.nz and we will book in a day/time that suits you.

We have a showroom located at 21 North Street, Timaru. Here you can view the latest Fujitsu models and speak to our friendly staff.

How often should I get my heat pump serviced?2019-12-08T21:52:58+00:00

This all depends on its usage. Sometimes commercial properties require frequent servicing ie every 6 months depending on the environment and frequency of use.

Domestically usually annually is sufficient. We encourage regular cleaning of the filters in the indoor unit which you can do yourself but call us to do a thorough service on both indoor/outdoor units and we can detect any problems before they become an issue.

Are you part of Canterbury’s Healthier Homes Scheme?2019-12-08T21:52:38+00:00

We are proud to be one of South Canterbury’s preferred installers and service providers for the Canterbury Healthier Homes Scheme. This is an opportunity to provide better warmth for your family and put the costs of your heat pump on your rates to make it a more viable financial outlay. To know if you meet the criteria please visit www.ecan.govt.nz/healthierhomes.

What can you offer over other heat pump suppliers?2019-12-08T21:51:49+00:00

We are based in Timaru and provide our services throughout South Canterbury. We are Fujistu accredited installers therefore we can provide a 6 year warranty, most heat pump manufactures only offer up to 5 years. We can also supply other heat pump brands if required.

We not only supply and install heat pumps; we can also service your heat pumps and address other electrical requirements in your home and workplace.

Do you supply and install?2019-12-08T21:51:23+00:00

We sure do! Not only can we supply the unit we proudly install them too. Our accredited installers are qualified and comply with New Zealand standards and regulations. When you use an accredited installer you will get a warranty on parts and labour to give you comfort that we stand behind our services and products.

In addition to your installation we can service your heat pump in the future to maintain its efficiency and longevity.

We are experienced electricians and refrigeration and engineers so if any upgrades are required on your switchboard to accommodate the heat pump we can do this also.

Does size really matter?2019-12-08T21:37:28+00:00

Yes size does matter. The correct heat pump is critical for efficiency and performance. If the unit is too small or too large, the system will use more energy than necessary. In turn this means increased running costs and decreased efficiency and therefore your heating/cooling needs may not be met.

Do you do onsite assessments?2019-12-08T21:50:50+00:00

Absolutely! No heat pump should be bought off the shelf based on price and looks only. We visit on site to measure (or go off building plans) and are pleased to offer a free no-obligation quote.

How do you begin to choose the right heat pump?2019-12-08T21:28:48+00:00

A number of factors have to be considered such as:

  • The size of the room
  • How many rooms you wish to heat
  • Who is using the space and how the space is being used
  • The furniture layout
  • The building’s insulation
  • The orientation of the dwelling

All this information ensures you get the right unit for your home or workplace.

Your team were outstanding and couldn’t have made it any easier. We look forward to doing business again in future.

Fairlie Primary School

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the awesome service. Everything was fast and easy and very much appreciated from our end – will definitely make sure we recommend to others!


We would like to thank you for the job done. We would also like to thank Jeff and his colleague for their excellent service. They are a great asset to your business – efficient, friendly and considerate. Thanks again!

Tim & Sandra

A note of thanks from both of us for being so professional and helpful. We spoke to 2-3 heat pump people before but the level of service that you gave us is incomparable. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Chetan, Temuka

Jeff, Jonty and Mike did a great job. Please let them know how pleased we are to have them working at our home. They are welcome back anytime.

David, Timaru

We hope we have the opportunity to do business again in the future and in the meantime we will be pleased to recommend Sullivan & Spillane at every available opportunity. It is a pleasure to support good service and attitudes, thank you.

Robbie, Woodbury

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